alone in the big apple

After touring with family for the last two weeks, the idea of being left alone in such a big city was a little scary. New York is such a busy & happening place - horns tooting all over the place and cab's racing down streets, hundreds of people spilling out of an underground subway station without warning, and buskers at every corner.

The first day we went exploring on our own we left the camera at the apartment as it can sometimes end up feeling like a hassle having to carry it around when you are walking around all day... A decision that I always end up regretting, but that in the moment always seems a good option! (Sorry, there are no photos from that day, maybe a few from our iPhones which I will post if I find!) We went to 5th Ave, a high-end shopping avenue and spent a good chunk of the day there after a wee hiccup - Tim trusted me with the directions (his first mistake) and somehow we ended up in Harlem.... Not exactly what we had in mind, but an adventure none the less :) We quickly figured out that we were not in the posh part of town we were aiming for, and jumped back on the Subway with Tim now in control of the directions! We also watched Divergent on the biggest movie screen I have ever seen, the IMAX in Times Square! 

The next day we set out to tick more things off our NY list... including adventuring in Central Park! I was desperate to go to the Zoo, so we walked through the park and soaked up the sunshine (the first we had seen in days!!!). It was exactly as you see in the movies, and I let Tim know that every 5 seconds :) We visited the "Friends" fountain and walked the paths of Chuck & Blair.. It was pretty. freaking. cool. After the Zoo, we jumped on the subway and headed to the Highline, another iconic New York park, and then rushed to the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the sun set over New York.

It was incredible. Words can't begin to explain what we witnessed, and I had to remind myself to stop taking photos and actually watch what was happening with my eyes and not through the lens! It was one of the most amazing sunsets we have ever seen, and watching the lights on the skyline light up as the sky turned from pink to orange to blue to black was so magical!

We have both fallen in love with Manhattan & even though we feel like we have seen so much, we know that there is so much more to explore! Time to start planning a return trip? :)

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