We have literally just returned to the township from a day on the mountain, and are warming ourselves up while looking at the snow float down on the street outside. The internet at our hotel is terrible, but luckily for us, pretty much all cafe's/big stores in North America have free wi-fi, so jumping at the chance to make a quick blog post! 

Yesterday, we left Edmonton/Fort Saskatchewan to head to the mountains for a week of alpine adventure! After checking in to our hotel, we went for a wander along the main street of Banff and peeked into heaps of the quirky souvenir shops which are all over the place here. We both had to refrain from buying souvenirs, as sometimes things in these sorts of shops can be ridiculously overpriced for what they are! Its quite hard to resist getting sucked into the tourist spirit and just buying anything and everything! In the evening, we went to Banff Upper Hot Springs. It is the strangest (and coolest) feeling to be swimming in 40 degree water, & having it snow on you! We then went out for Mexican for dinner at "Magpie and Stump" and we both agree that it was the best Mexican we have ever had. SO. MUCH. FOOD. We also were able to catch up with Matt & Mike, two of Tim's youth boys that have been in Banff for the past couple of months working on the mountains - so cool!

Today was awesome. We went skiing/snowboarding/TUBING! on Mt. Norquay, one of the smaller mountains in the area. As it's a weekday, the mountain was pretty quiet, so we had a lot of runs to ourselves! Tubing was definitely a highlight for the both of us - its pretty much biscuiting down the slopes! You go SO fast, and it gives you the biggest adrenaline rush. You have no control of the tube at all, but you are thrown down a lane/channel snow tube and you just spin and spin and spin whilst zooming/plummeting to the bottom. Awesome.

Tonight we are going out with Matt & Mike for $9 steak sandwiches. Apparantly they are amazing, and well-known by the locals! I am hoping that they will have some good vegetarian food, otherwise...

Lastly, the scenery here is incredible. Photos just can not adequately represent the magical place we are in. Banff is the equivalent to Queenstown in New Zealand, so it is a tourist hub & we are LOVING it!

We will try and update again soon! - only two more weeks in Canada, so we are going to make the most of it!


  1. Knew you would love it!!!

  2. Looks so much fun guys! Wish I was off skiing in the trees too!


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