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A lot of things have happened since our last blog post, so we will do our best to cover all the bases but keep it as short & sweet as possible! :) Last week was one of the best ever. We visited Banff (see our previous blog post for more on that!) and after a couple of awesome days on the slopes, eating our hearts out, and making the most of being tourists, we headed 20 minutes down the road to Canmore, where we stayed with some of our friends from New Zealand! It's fair to say we have been missing them a LOT over the past couple of days, as we are now spending our days chilling out and recharging our batteries after such a jam-packed week. It was a surreal (and amazing) thing to see Liz, Jono and Jackson, after last seeing them in Dunedin before they moved to Canada! Catching up with old friends & reconnecting with people in the most beautiful places and under the most unique circumstances has definitely been one of the biggest highlights of this trip!

We had such a good time in Canmore exploring the little mountain town, and most importantly, visiting lots of cafes!! Liz & Jono are two of the most genuine people, and totally made us feel at home in their brand new apartment! They had just moved into their new place last Saturday (we arrived on Thursday) so we were the first guests to visit them in Canada, and we felt so privileged to be the first to see them all set up in their new home! The view that they have from their living room window is INSANE, the mountains look so close that it feels as if you could touch them - and we often found ourselves staring out the window in awe! This was partly due to Jackson, their ADORABLE little boy (or should I say "dude"), always wanting someone to hold him up so he could look out the window and name everything he could see... "truck!", "dog!", "snow!" :) 

Jackson has grown up so much since we last saw him, he is no longer a baby that's for sure! By the end of our stay he had learnt to say both of our names, "Dim" and "Ah-yi" and it was just the sweetest thing! He is such a constant source of fun and entertainment (oh man, and cuteness!) and he's totally at that stage where you just want to freeze time and keep him that age for ever! He was fascinated by our camera, and luckily for us, he kept flashing his cute wee smile and we managed to snap a few goodies of him whilst we were there! 

Liz & Jono were super keen to take us Cross Country skiing while we were in Canmore, so on Saturday morning we headed to the Nordic Center, which was used to host the Winter Olympics, therefore has world class skiing facilities - and is only a 5 minute drive from their house! This was a new and challenging experience which we both LOVED, and found hilarious the majority of the time.. Let's just say that it's quite a mission to get your body to coordinate in that way if you aren't used to it! With Tim having never been on ski's before... well... it was an interesting/amusing sight :) Liz/Jono were alternating between hauling Jackson behind them in a chariot - basically a pram on skis that gets attached to you around your waist - we don't know how they did it! For those of you that don't know, cross country skiing isn't really like skiing at all...the ski's are much thinner & lighter, and you pretty much just run up hills whilst on your ski's and then ski down the hills on the other side! It is SUCH a workout, and we were both feeling it in our muscles the next day!

What really topped an already-brilliant week off was getting a 1am text from New Zealand one night, with the news that two of our best friends had got engaged!!!!!! Neither of us could sleep for hours after we found out because we were just so excited! Dan and Anna, if you're reading this, we are so pumped for you guys & can't wait to see you when we get back!!! :)

Between late night chats with Jono & Liz, playing with Jackson, eating unexpectedly spicy Indian, experiencing our first cross-country skiing, falling into fits of laughter, and having quality chill time with kiwi friends, our time in Canmore was, quite simply put, incredible. Conways, we can't thank you enough for letting us stay with you guys & being part of these lifelong memories that we have made! Saying good-bye suuuuucked, and we have been thinking of you ever since we left!

We are now back in Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, soaking up the last week we have with Ari's family. On Thursday, we are leaving Canada and heading to the States, where the next chapter begins! We are one month in to our adventure already and can't believe how quickly it has gone. Bring on the next two months of memory-making, exploring, and photo-taking...

xx T&A

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