the first week

So I'm currently lying on my bed, enjoying 26 degree temperatures and sipping on a watermelon ale. It's kinda like a beer crossed with a sweet cider, weird but satisfyingly refreshing. Outside its currently -15 degrees and getting colder! I'm attempting to mentally prepare myself for the below -29 degree temperatures due to hit us this weekend. Despite the unfamiliar temperatures, Ari and I have made the most of our first week here in Fort Saskatchewan by playing in the snow, doing quick dashes up the street for (bad) coffee and donuts from Tim Hortons, adventures to snap pictures in the snow, a trip to the largest mall in the northern hemisphere, and most importantlya hunt for the finest coffee Edmonton has to offer.

This week Canada has had some bearably warm temperatures, which has meant we have been able to get outside and experience the snow (and the cold) and adventure to some nearby shops by foot. The snow here is super cool (pun intended) and has a dry, sand-like feel because of the low humidity! The snow isn't wet like we experience in NZ, which theoretically means you could run around the snow in your socks and only suffer from cold feet rather than cold and wet feet, cool huh!? Not that I would ever suggest running around here without shoes on - much too cold for that type of carry on!

A 5.30am start on Tuesday marked our first voyage as we braved the public transport system into the city centre of Edmonton on a quest for decent coffee (and good shopping!). Two bus rides, one train ride and a foot dash down two blocks on a cold morning led us to Credo Coffee. Credo offered high hopes of a decent coffee, serving Intelligentsia coffee and offering a variety of methods, including espresso based coffees and also brewed coffee such as V60 drip coffee. I tried both an espresso and a drip coffee of their current single origin! They were both pretty good and it was definitely the best coffee I've had thus far - However the search will still continue! Ari had her usual Mocha in a takeaway cup - she, on the otherhand, was not impressed at all as the shop used an organic cocoa which didn't cater much for her sweet tooth! 

West Edmonton Mall - the largest mall in the Northern Hemisphere (apparently) was a maze of shops that we found ourselves lost in numerous times! We tried to navigate the mall map to find the shops we wanted to visit (we had spent our time wisely at the coffee shop marking down all the places we wanted to go to) and would have stuck out like a sore thumb I'm sure - much like those first-year students trying to find their way around Otago Uni! Honestly this mall was massive, it contained over a gazillon shops, alongside two amusement parks, hotels, and an ice skating rink... Oh, and during lunch we watched a seal show that happens daily in their water park area! I said it was big! We spent a solid 8 hours there and came out with only one item each that we had bought. It was so overwhelming, the sheer size and selection of the shops that were there made it actually quite hard to buy anything. Needless to say, that we are hoping that now we have experienced this beast of a mall our next visit may be more productive! It was awesome to look around all the shops and get an idea of what sort of things they had though, and we are already keen to head back for round two!

Anyway, we are thinking of everyone back home in NZ, especially those starting Uni this week!

Now... back to my beer :)


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  1. Some awesome photos-beautiful Kodak moments Ari very atmospheric(almost the right word) you capture more than that thou.Tim i enjoyed your post.Well described.I know what you mean about too much choice it can be overwhelming. Narrowing the focus is more satisfying. pleased you found some coffee.I just made a stovetop with fix beans and hot milk..YUM!


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