kia ora canada

Things we have learnt so far:
  • Canadian's walk on the other side of the footpath (e.g. we naturally walk to the left of the footpath just like we drive on the left side of the road, but Canadian's walk on the right) and it can cause small collisions between people when not paying attention. Oops.
  • Vancouver has far too many pigeons. Far too many.
  • New Zealand's public transport system is horrible! We took an impulse/spur of the moment trip into Vancouver between flights & caught the "sky train" and it was the easiest public transport we've ever experienced. Seriously.
  • We shouldn't have bothered about bringing any of our clothing from New Zealand as there is no way they are going to be suitable for this Antarctic climate. We were naively under the impression that they would be somewhat appropriate! (A shopping trip will be happening in the very near future).
  • Tim likes Root Beer. Ari doesn't like Root Beer.
  • Sneaking an extra couple of kg's into your carry-on luggage is only ideal when walking from your airport gate to board the plane... not so ideal when navigating the chaotic streets of downtown Vancouver feeling like a pack horse whose limbs are about to drop off..

P.S. We made it to Edmonton!!

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