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23 Aug 2017


Often we get asked over on Instagram "how do you take your photos?" "what camera do you use?" "what's your editing process"?

Last week we were lucky enough to team up with a beautiful clothing brand, Betty Lane, and thought it would be cool to take you guys "behind the scenes" of one of our typical, collaboration type photoshoots. Usually when we collab with a brand it is just Tim and I that are involved - and we do all the planning, shooting and editing ourselves.

We love how these photos ended up turning out! It was such a moody, misty, fog-filled afternoon (not to mention, FREEZING) but it just adds to the magic of the images. 

If you want to see everything that happened behind the scenes of these photos, make sure to watch our vlog linked at the bottom of this post!

Betty Lane: @bettylane_

22 Aug 2017


It's a miracle! I'm finally catching up on my backlog of blog posts I've had sitting here on my computer for months now - life has just been so busy and my poor wee blog has taken a hit because of it. As the pile of unedited photos just kept growing and growing and growing, I knew it was time I put my A into G (so to speak) and get around to posting some of our life happenings over the past few months.

In July, our friends Sarah and Dan Lemkus (check out their YouTube channel here) came to Dunedin and we got to spend a few days with them, showing them around our beautiful city, creating photo and video content and just having an all round amazing time. 

After taking them out for dinner at our favourite Japanese restaurant, Jizo, the night before, we decided to set out early in the morning to try and capture the sunrise over the ocean, as the boys wanted any excuse to get out their drones! Although we didn't quite get the sunrise kaleidoscope of colour that we dreamed of, it was still pretty beautiful and the boys did indeed manage to get some cool drone shots (make sure you check out our vlog of the day - linked at the bottom of this blog post!)

We then went to Tuppence Cafe to warm up and eat some chocolate for breakfast (I have the biggest sweet tooth I swear), and spent a good chunk of our morning perusing through SaveMart - Dunedin's two-story opshop! Sarah managed to get some togs for her and Beth for their travels to the hot springs the next day, and by that time we were ready to fuel up for our afternoon adventures, so off to Let Them Eat Vegan we went! 

A good amount of pies and oreo stuffed cookies later, and we were ready to take on the beach. Tim and I were excited to show Sarah, Dan and Beth one of our favourite hidden spots (it's actually where we got some of our wedding photos taken!) and all was going well until.... Dan took a nasty fall off the rope swing.... Tim managed to film it at 180fps haha, so make sure to check out our video if you want to see it in all it's slo-mo glory!

A quick change of plans was in order as we needed to clean up his cuts and grazes, so off back into the city we went, with a slight detour to a friend's place before we raced up Signal Hill to try and catch the sunset (and redeem ourselves for our not-so-amazing sunrise earlier in the day). We succeeded! 

We then headed home for dinner and put our feet up after a long day of go-go-go. We were all ready to just lie on the couch, eat some good food and have an editing party for the rest of the night! Oh, the glamorous lives of photographers/videographers... haha!

Saying goodbye to these three totally sucked but we have plans to reunite again before the year is up.... this time, up North! We can't wait for Dan and Sarah to show us their "hood" and to explore more of our country with our new friends. Love you guys!

Sarah's Instagram - @sarahlemkus
Dan's Instagram - @danlemkus
Tim's Instagram - @timothyjoseph

13 Jul 2017


Over the last 48 hours, Dunedin has been hit with one of the biggest snow storms we've seen in years. We often hear the forecast "snow to 300m", but very rarely do we hear "snow to sea level"! For once, the weather predictions were right, and all my wildest dreams came true. It snowed at the beach! At the BEACH!


  1. If you can drive (and it's safe to do so), go out and explore! Head to the hills! Your favourite spots around the city transform into a whole different kind of wonderland when the ground is white... even your not so favourite spots may have a new appeal to them.
  2. Make hot chocolates. That's a given though, right!? The bigger the better!
  3. Go tobogganing! If you don't have a sled, a cardboard box often works just fine, haha. We didn't get to do this yesterday, but it's at the top of my list for next time we get a good dumping! When I was younger, we used to always go to the farm next door with whatever make-shift sled we could come up with and zoom down the paddocks -- some of my best snow day memories!
  4. Put on your favourite winter spotify playlist (this is my current favourite) and get fully into the winter spirit. Winter for us in New Zealand is in June / July, so christmas music doesn't quuuuuite make sense for us, but that doesn't stop me from putting this song on and feeling a lil festive!
  5. Have a snow fight. Let your inner child come out and go crazy. 
  6. Hike to the highest point around you and take in the view. Seeing a city blanketed in snow is the most beautiful thing.
  7. And finally, number 7 - ENJOY THE SLOW. Everything comes to a halt when it snows (in New Zealand, anyway!). Enjoy the fact that you can't get into work... enjoy the cozy, unexpected sleep in you get... and try and enjoy the influx of snow-related posts your FB and IG will be flooded with! ;-)
What are your must-do's on a snow day? Let me know in the comments!