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20 Mar 2017


We love living close to the beach. To be honest, we can't really imagine (or want to imagine) a life that isn't coast-side. A life where we can see the ocean from out our bedroom window and a life where we can venture down to the sea whenever we please.

Although the nights are definitely getting darker, there have still been a few beautiful, golden-lit evenings over the last week which have reminded me of why I love summer in the first place. After a season of pretty average "summer" weather, it can be hard to remember what January and February were supposed to feel like! We've missed the bbq's and the shorts / jandals so much this year!

I've always got my eye out for quality pieces to add to our growing collection of picnic essentials (our hallway cupboard is begging me to stop), and my latest obsession is this beach towel + bag combo from some friends across the ditch - The Beach People! They specialize in luxe beach essentials and this towel certainly fits the bill. This is the Avalon roundie, and it is the perfect beach towel / picnic blanket combo! 

TOWEL / BAG: @thebeachpeople

17 Mar 2017


Despite being to Queenstown more times than we can count, we've never really taken the time to explore Arrowtown. Even though its so close to Queenstown, it's a spot that we have always just driven through - in one end, out the other. 

When we were visiting Queenstown for our anniversary, we decided to take the drive back to Dunedin slowly and finally stopped in Arrowtown to have a good look around. It's so cute! We ended up eating at The Chop Shop, and it was delicious. I often find it hard to find good vegetarian food, and as I don't like eggs, finding good vegetarian breakfast food is even harder! The Chop Shop did not disappoint - I managed to get a ridiculously tasty mexican vege dish for brunch and it was divine! We didn't snap any photos of it unfortunately, it got gobbled up too quickly. You'll just have to trust me that it looked as good as it tasted!

8 Mar 2017


We have decided to take anniversary photos every year to mark the end, and the start, of each new season of our marriage.

We've been taking portraits of ourselves for years now (nearly six years!) and always find it so fascinating and so special to look back on them as the years go by. We've got photos from when we first started dating, to our first huge overseas trip together, to our university coffee dates, ski trips, picnics... the list goes on. We're big photo people, if you couldn't already tell ;-)

This year, we spent our anniversary in Queenstown and it was the most beautiful backdrop to start this new tradition. The mountains are one of our favourite places to take photos (on par with the coast) and we had so much fun taking a few moments out of our evening to capture these photos together. Already, they're some of my favourites. 

6 Mar 2017


On the morning of our anniversary, we headed to Onsen Hot Pools for a morning of relaxation and one-on-one time. When we arrived, we were shown to our private room, with our own private spa pool! Our jaws dropped when we saw the view - it was breathtaking!

Onsen Hot Pools is only a short drive from the centre of Queenstown and overlooks the Shotover Canyon. You can book a pool for one hour at a time, and the pools can fit up to four people! We were lucky enough to get the "tandeki" package, which meant we were provided with ice-cream, chocolate and wine to enjoy whilst spa-ing. Never too early for a cheeky celebratory wine! ;-)

We would highly recommend a trip to Onsen if you are ever in Queenstown - it was the perfect romantic start to our first wedding anniversary!

ONSEN HOT POOLS: www.onsen.co.nz

4 Mar 2017


A year ago today, we said I do.

So much has changed in a year, yet our core has stayed the same. I'm learning that external factors are always going to come at us and rock our boat, some like unexpected ripples and some like loud tidal waves, but nothing will ever come close to breaking the fact that Tim is my constant, my rock, my best friend. It doesn't matter what positive or negative factors are circulating outside of our little bubble, he will always be my person.

I like to think we compliment each other in all the best ways - I am the hurricane, the dreamer - and he is the calm, the thinker.

Today, we're celebrating our first year of marriage in beautiful Queenstown, amongst the mountains and beside the lake. It's quite a different scene from our view on this day last year, but every bit just as beautiful. We've been reflecting on our wedding day over the last week and what it meant for us then and what it means for us now. On the 4th of March, 2016, after half a decade of boyfriend and girlfriend-ing, we finally got to become one in front of God, our family and our friends (and as an added bonus, I got the honour of taking on the coolest last name ever as my own!).

I don't really understand why people say "the first year of marriage is so hard", because it really hasn't been that way for us. Sure, we've had our moments and we've learnt A LOT about each other, but we feel so blessed that that statement doesn't feel like it manifested for us. Marrying Tim was, and is, the best decision I've ever made.

We've never actually posted an extended blog post with photos from our wedding, and a lot of you have asked over the last twelve months! Today's your lucky day ;) All photos were taken by our incredibly talented friend, Sam (Samantha Heather Photography) and if you're looking for a wedding photographer, we can not recommend her enough. She captured our day perfectly and I'd fly her over from Australia again in a heartbeat if we were getting married again!