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Wow. Hi. Hello. How are you doing?

I don't even know where to begin when starting this post... it's as if this long, unexplained and unintentional absence from this little corner of the internet has left me speechless - unfamiliar, unconfident and unable to find the words to even begin to explain what has gone on in our life over the last five months.

For starters, we've moved across the country. Dunedin to Nelson.

It's been the craziest whirlwind of emotions and technicalities and I'm the first to admit that I'm yet to fully find my feet in this new city. I spend most of my days riding the fine line between being both overwhelmed and underwhelmed and quite honestly, it's been some of the toughest few months of my life. God is stretching me in so many new ways - ways that are going to grow me and strengthen me and I've been battling to see these changes in that light each and every day.

So if you've been wondering, YES! I am in fact still around, I've just been taking the time to re-centre myself and blogging has been one of those things that has taken a wee bit of a backseat.

For more day-to-day updates, you can find me on instagram - @ariana.leilani, otherwise I'm hoping to be back to business on here slowly, but surely.

Hope you've all been well,

A x


When Jule and I arrived at the Moeraki Boulders, we were very pleasantly surprised to see that our complete lack of planning (e.g. heading there bang on high tide!) didn't impact our trip too much. We were fully expecting the boulders to be underwater when we arrived, but thankfully that was not the case, haha! We were about 30 minutes out from arriving at the boulders when we came to this realisation (well, when Jule came to this realisation... I'm not really one for thinking about that kind of thing, haha) and we did debate whether we should just turn around and save it for another day, but in true YOLO spirit we kept on going and thought we'd just make the most of whatever boulders we could/couldn't see when we got there. Turns out high tide doesn't affect the boulders much at all! Woo!

The Moeraki Boulders are a pretty hot tourist spot when making the trip down the coast between Christchurch and Dunedin. I hadn't actually stopped there for years as usually, when we make the trip up north, we are often rushing to get to Oamaru (where Tim's family live) and don't ever think to stop for a minute to check them out.

In saying that, it's about a 1 min drive off the main highway (it's all very well sign-posted) and about a 30 second walk down to the beach from the Moeraki Boulder's carpark. If you have 5 minutes spare on your trip, it's super quick and easy and worth checking out! It can get quite busy, which you'll be able to tell by how many buses and cars are flooding the carpark... so if you're wanting a classic, serene kiwi beach, this probably isn't your place ;-)

The boulders themselves are.... cool?! A little underwhelming and I think they're hyped up a little tooooo much for the tourists, but they do make for some cool photo's, I'll give them that!

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